photo by A. Mack Sawyer

Wine List

Dry Whites

Chardonnay 2002 Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc

-Unoaked. Our un-oaked selection of Chardonnay with light citrus flavors and hints of apricot and honey

-Buttery, rich & creamy. A Full boidied white to enjoy with Gruyere and other cheeses, seafood & chicken. Serve Chilled

-2002 Light toasty oak character and crisp acidity. Essense of apricot and fresh cut grass. Pairs beautifully with Goat Cheese. Serve Chilled









Dry Reds

Chambourcin 2002 Merlot 2002

A complex, dry, French-American hybrid with hints of blackberry and cherr y aromas. Offers flavors of plum and currant with a touch of eucalyptus on the finish.

A pleasant and satisfying Merlot with light fruit, moderate oak and soft tannins.
Nebbiolo 2002 Syrah 2002

An Italian red with light body, firm acidity and soft tannins. Hints of cherries seduces the palate.

Rich earthy tones of black cherry and jammy plum followed by a black peppery finish.
Syrah Chambourcin 2001

-Deep bold flavors of black currant and fig enhanced by a black peppery finish. Enjoy with aged cheddar & smoked Gouda. Also good with pork and beef dishes.

-Lively, full bodied red wine loaded with jammy plum and black cherry. Ripe tannins and tangy acidity carry through the finish. Excellent with aged cheddar. Makes great Wine Sauces
Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Merlot 2001

-Complex, rich & earthy, lightly oaked with hints of chocolate & plum. A good match for Brie & Beef Dishes. May age for 2-3 years or drink now.

-A grape from Bordeaux. Evenly balanced with soft tannins, lightly oaked. Very good with young cheeses like Pecorino. Great with beef stews.


Sweet Wines

Carlos, Muscadine


Magnolia, Muscadine Muscat Canelli Strawberry

Full bodied, sweet white muscadine with firm acidity with a tangy finish.

A sweet deep red muscadine with a long grapey finish. Just like eating the grape!

-Native grape of North Carolina. A Rich and Velvety sweet dessert wine. Try with Roquefort cheese or your favorite Southern dessert.

-Exotic varietal fruit: pear & grapefruit with floral notes. Balanced between light sweetness and essence of citrus on the finish. A perfect match with biscotti.

-A lightly sweetened wine with loads of strawberry flavor. Add a splash to Champagne for a special occasion.


photo by A. Mack Sawyer

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